5 Crazy facts we never think about that really put our lives into perspective.


in the grand scheme of things we are not on the planet for that long.

Planet earth has been in existence for 4.54 billion years! Our existence in that time is so insignificant, but make sure your time on planet earth is anything but that!

The reality of this should not make you sad though. Instead use it to Live every moment like its your last, seize opportunities, embrace change, love hard and be happy.


Actually how lucky we are to have been born. according to science the chances of us actually existing are 1 in 400 trillion!

This all comes down to chance of our parents meeting, then pursuing a relationship then even the chances of there egg and sperm meeting at the correct time to make you!


Something could happen to you at anytime that can completely turn your life around.

Do not live in fear, be happy, live every moment to the full never look back or have regrets.

Tomorrow you could loose a limb, your eyesight or even your best friend


6.9 % of the world population suffer with depression.
Depression and anxiety are the worlds most common mental health problems.

So many of us suffer with low mood and excessive worry yet its still a condition which receives a negative reception and serious lack of empathy.

There is a sad societal need to hide and conceal mental illnesses when in fact so many people feel the same.

Be strong and open up as the chances are the person your opening up to bas gone through something very similar.


How lucky we are to have homes.

Nearly half the worlds population of 3 billion live in extreme poverty but roughly 1 billion having no home at all!

Feel fortunate to have a roof over you head while so many do not.

LSD ♡♡


4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This has helped put my ‘terrible’ day into perspective. Thank you.

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  2. This is so beautiful really, truly highlights how lucky we should all feel 😊

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    1. Hey Thank you very much. yes heres to spreading love and positivity! ♡

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