5 Reasons To Love Mondays!

For many, Monday mornings are typically the start of the working week and bring about a sense of doom and gloom.

This negative vibe does nothing but bring us down and make us feel totally blah!

Culture has also dictated that we hate Monday mornings and love Friday evenings. We see it everywhere, on Television, on the radio and quite often in popular songs. Remember viral song ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black!

Because of this we are much more likely to fall into the trap of negativity when in reality days are days which are physically no different from one another!

If your tired of dreading Mondays and want to challenge this common cultural belief, here’s 5 real reasons to love and celebrate this unique day!


Humans love nothing more than achievement and self development. It brings us a sense of joy and accomplishment like no other.

A brand new week means a full 7 days of the unexpected and a chance to develop ourselves further.

What will happen, what exciting new facts will you learn, what new hurdles will you overcome this week?

Start your Monday off by reminding yourself this and it may even become a day you look forward to with great anticipation.

New Beginnings

A new week is much like a new year (only smaller)! Use this new beginning to set yourself motivational targets.

Pherhaps your banging hangover from a crazy weekend of partying was a wake up call to get healthier.

Monday morning is the perfect opportunity to begin! Try my extra simple but super healthy smoothie recipe i swear by every day. Check out the link below to ‘Liquid Positivity’.



Instead of dwelling on your working week ahead, use this opportunity to reflect on how blessed you are to have a full time job while so many keen and motivated individuals are struggling to hold or find work.

Challenge that automatic thought of ‘uh I have a whole 5 days until I am off again’ for ‘i am lucky i have a job and although get stressed at times, there are many would give anything to be in my situation’.


Although the working week is ahead we would not look forward to our days off so much if we were only working part time or not at all.

Working many hours only makes our time off all the more precious and special when it does arrive.

We look forward to our days of relaxation with great anticipation.

Therefore you are much more likely to feel you have earnt that extra long lie in or unhealthy snack and also feel less guilty about it!


As the events of our days off are still fresh in our minds we can reminisce over them with fond memories and even share those memories with colleagues.

Pherhaps you attended a wedding over the weekend or had a catch up with some friends you have not seen in forever.

Really focus on those memories which without a doubt will make you smile throughout your entire Monday.

So what makes Mondays a great day?

It reminds us we are lucky to have jobs, allows us to reflect back on our fantastic weekend while it is still fresh in our minds which can make us smile and feel joyous.

Mondays also allow us to look forward to a whole week of the unexpected and allow us look forward to and cherish our days off even more when they do arrive!



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