How To Make Your Blog Posts Unique

One of my primary goals in blogging is to produce engaging, relatable and useful content that helps others feel great about themselves. But most of all it has to be unique and perhaps a little quirky…..just like me!

Whatever your writing goals may be ensuring your blog is unique is a crucial part of its success.

With over 450 million active blogs pumping out content left right and centre, ensuring your blog is different helps it stand out.

Humans are always on the prowl for fresh new content that will also give them something in return. Therefore we will be less engaged and interested by content we have seen before.

Here’s 5 ways I have found inspire me to add a touch of quirkiness to my content.


Ok it might sound a little boring, but one of the first things you can do when you have an idea for a blog post is type it into google.

Has it been done before? Most likely yes, however don’t let this discourage you. You can use old ideas and put a fresh new angle on them.

One of my very first blog posts i wanted to write about was anxiety. A very relatable topic however there are literally millions of blogs on the subject!

So instead I decided to put anew angle on this extremely talked about subject and instead focused on the positives of having anxiety and it was fairly well received.

This angle has been covered before however it was extremely less common than the first approach.

You can also use one topic you have covered and branch out from that further to then think of another great idea.

Use Real Life Experiences

Many of us go through similar ups and downs in life, depression, stress, loss, fear, however no two experiences are the same.

Blogging about real life experiences ensures people can relate to your topics but also see a different twist or perspective on the subject (your own).

For those events you have been through that are less common. For example, you may have been bitten by a shark! This can also spark an interest as us curious humans love nothing more than to imagine a real life experience for ourselves!

No matter what your niche is, tying real life events into your blog is usually doable and can be made 100% relevant.

Make Your Passion Your Chosen Niche

Choosing a topic your passionate about will make it much easier for you to write on a regular basis and keep motivated.

Moreover studies has shown we are far more likely to put time and effort into activities we know and love, which will ultimately produce better content.

There is little point in starting up a make-up blog just because you feel its a popular niche at the moment.

if your not that engaged by the subject it will come across very bog standard and will not stand out.

However if you love and have great knowledge on your subject, your enthusiasm will really reflect in your words, making your content more unique.

Being passionate about your subject will also likely inspire new angles on the subject and inspire others to be passionate about it also!

Take Inspiration From All Around You

Although we all live in the same world no two lives are identical. Everyday our thoughts and actions expose us to an array of experiences, all of which can be a catalyst for creating a wonderfully unique blog.

Use what’s around you physically and mentally to inspire your posts. Pherhaps tonight on your way home from work you witnessed a stunning sunset or received an incredible act of kindness from a stranger.

Jott influence experiences down on your phone so you dont forget. Come back to it later and figure out how you could tie it into your blog!

Promote Your Personality

Really think about what it is about you that sets you aside from everybody else you know.
If you are struggling you can always ask a trusted co-worker or friend for help on this one.

Listen to positive feedback on your personality from others and make these attributes the main focus of your blog.

Do people say your witty, overly enthusiastic or evensuper sassy!

Inputting your personality into your blog not only allows the readers to get to know the real you but makes your writing much easier to produce on a regular basis.

When we watch You Tubers we can see there personality and enthusiasm for there subject up front and it is quite often this that catapults them into popularity.

However because blogging is a little more concealed it is important to ensure our words and focus reflect our personalities.

After all there is only 1 of you and if you bring your best assets in your blog you are almost certainly on the road to uniqueness.

At The End Of The Day….

In a world where we are pushed to be like everyone else sometimes embracing difference can seem daunting. However uniqueness often equals success. Break the mould!



8 thoughts on “How To Make Your Blog Posts Unique

  1. I love this list. Personality really helps. When I first started, I felt like my posts had to be perfect and I think sometimes that bores people

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    1. Hey thank you! yes thinking about it i went through the perfection stage too! Yes ive found imputting personality the best out of them all ♡


  2. This is such lovely advise and so helpful. I’m trying at the moment to try get my blog out to more people so will definitely be keeping this in mind!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ace! and thank you for your feedback! love helping others ♡


  3. Quite helpful it is. Thanks for sharing this piece of information.😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you for checking it out! So glad you found it useful ♡♡

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That was neat and helpful!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you glad you enjoyed!

      Liked by 1 person

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