Valentines Special! Love Yourself!

Just because you might be single does not mean you cannot celebrate valentines day!

Use this opportunity to remind yourself what you love about your life and more importantly yourself!

You might think valentines day is an utter load of money making garbage!

However you have to admit it is very difficult to escape the cheesy gifts and vibrant red scattered just about everywhere.

Its in your face and there’s nothing you can do to escape so instead of getting frustrated why not embrace the cheesiness. You can even give it your own meaning!

Why not focus on your special talents and hobbies that you love and engage in these.

Pherhaps your great at painting or are quite the savvy singer. Get creative and express your love for your hobbies.

Give thanks for your friends and family you love and organise a meet up with some of your nearest and dearest. Play games goof about and just laugh and have fun.

Most importantly Focus on what you love about yourself because you are amazing!



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