Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my page and welcome to Laura’s Self Development. I am a 27 year old passionate freelance writer from England who currently works as an animal keeper looking after some rare and exotic animals.

In the past i have mainly covered animal related topics for magazines looking at improving the health and welfare of all creatures great and small.

However i have also always had a real passion for self development and psychology and relish in helping others. Which is why i decided to start my blogs. I try to remain positive in all aspects of life whatever the situation might be and hopefully will inspire others to do so also.

I am a fun loving and quirky individual, who’s been through some hardships in life which I believe have only shaped me in a positive way. My message to others is simple: positivity, fun and recognising there is good in everything and everyone, and sometimes it just takes a little different perspective to see this.
Writing has given me a new lease of life in more ways than you can imagine and i hope to inspire others with my words for many months and hopefully years to come.


Hope you enjoy

Happy reading ♡

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